Our Quality

Capsutab Drugs Private Limited Quality as a center of excellence assures a culture of compliance and follows systematic interventions to exceed quality standards. Our patient-centric approach prolongs our quality policy as well. Our compay focuses on quality helps us to ensure product safety and efficacy, regardless of any drug form. We are dedicated to quality in everything we do is uncompromising and also covers each and every stage of the development, production, and marketing of our products and medicines.

Our commitment is to implement a strong and healthy global quality management system in order to continue a culture of effective excellence, while meeting the expectations of all stakeholders, including our patients, customers, and regulators.

We’re also committed to achieving zero-defect and appliance strict quality controls to ensure that every medicine and product released from its manufacturing facility cleave to all applicable quality and regulatory standards. This reputation of delivering consistently high-quality medicines has helped Capsutab Drugs Private Limited to be considered as one of the key partners of choice for multinational Government and Non-Government institutions globally.

Approaching Quality with Patients in Mind

To maintain quality standards, we manufacture our medicines from the plant which has well-defined procedures and systems in place in compliance with the requirements of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), WHO, PIC’s and EU GMP in order to ensure that Capsuta Drugs Private Limited operating procedures meet the very exacting standards of regulators like the US FDA, EMA, HC, WHO and TGA, among others.

Because Capsutab Drugs Private Limited is strict on our external suppliers, who must meet the same tough requirements we set for ourselves.

Each site from where we manufacture our medicines has well-trained employees for quality control along with a regulatory affairs department which ensures strict adherence to quality systems and procedures.

The teams are conducted by a Corporate Quality Unit (CQU). CQU keeps a check that the latest updates in GMP are being translated into guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and protocols. The teams make sure that these guidelines are implemented to deliver quality medicines time after time.

In addition, our manufacturing plants are audited by an autonomous Corporate Compliance Department with a view to ensuring 24 x 7 compliance and conformance.

Commitment to Excellence

We believe commitment drives the force for achieving excellence for medicines to stand at par in the pharmaceutical industry. Our compay chase innovative ways to provide high-quality pharma products and deliver the best results. We always are in search of new ways to improve everything we do.


From the very beginning as soon as we started our company, Quality has been the core of our only existence. Capsutab Drugs Private Limited Team ensures to keep medicinal products economical without comprising on the quality for users to stay fit and healthy. Being a customer-oriented pharmaceutical company, the main aim is to digitalize our business by serving quality pharma products.

Our policy

Furthermore, it is our policy to ensure that Capsutab Drugs Private Limited facilities and product development, manufacturing, and logistics processes that directly affect the quality of the final medicine and product, are identified and controlled to provide a high degree of assurance that each product consistently meets its pre-defined specifications and quality attributes.


The Company shall establish compliance with applicable quality rules, regulations, codes, and standards for its pharma product manufacturing site.


Capsutab Drugs Private Limited believes in delivering superior quality medicines that all the patients can trust. In order to develop, manufacture and supply pharma products, Capsuta Drugs Private Limited is inspected and certified by the relevant external health authorities in the countries where our company operates. This ensures that our company complies with external health authority rules, regulations, and standards.


Our company's Continuous endeavors to innovate and improve Capsutab Drugs Private Limited Facilities, Processes, Products, and Procedures.

All employees and Contingent Workers in our company have the appropriate education, skills, training, and experience to carry out their work effectively, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations and Capsutab Drugs Private Limited policies and procedures.